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One of my earliest published articles

There are so many people who let others lead because they lack the courage to stand up. Being lead in a direction that they are not happy with or being lead without asking why or if something can be changed, not even being lead maybe just following like a lost sheep. Inside this sheep is a person dying to break free but doesn’t know how to, is scared or simply feels content even though they know they can do better.


Becoming an Action Person or even just someone who can lead or just does things without procrastinating doesn’t mean heading out and buying a superhero outfit, military uniform or new smart “I am the boss” suit, it doesn’t even need a job title. A person of action just does; heart and head work together and action happens. Instinct and gut feel play a greater role life and experience tells you that you are right. Everything you need is inside you whether you are a chief executive of a company or a housewife, it is inside you.