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How to Improve Your Communication With Clients

You want to be able to collect and retain customers in your growing business. You know your capability to communicate with clientele creates the bonds that help you to retain them as loyal customers. But, if there’s a communication breakdown, they will happily (or angrily) go elsewhere with their service! How can you make sure to be genuine and personable, to retain clients? How can you improve your communication with your clients?

Know Your Audience

To keep a personalized relationship with your clientele, you have to first establish a personal relationship! This includes seeing your clients as the individual people, with dreams, problems, and needs, that they are. This goes beyond knowing if Joe is married to Mary or Karen, or if Marci’s birthday is a certain day. Genuinely developing actual relationships with another human requires listening and learning, as well as caring enough to remember what they say (or at least taking notes until you do). The relationship is useful to sales, but it shouldn’t be cultivated purely for sales, because that is off-putting.


Meet Your Clients Where They Are

Using the technology and capabilities of your clients means that you use what they already are familiar with using to do your business together. In many instances, this means mobile phones! Using the omnichannel retail experience will help you to attract, convert, and retain customers. This means that the client doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to moving between marketing, sales, and customer service.


The Follow Through

Every good golfer or baseball player knows that the follow-through after hitting the ball is critical to making sure that your goals are reached. This includes marketing. Make sure to circle back and thank customers for your sales with them, whether in hand-written notes or an email. Continue to be personable and check back in to make sure everything has been done correctly and is taken care of after it leaves your hands. Good follow-through creates good repeat business.


Your client communication seems like a small part of your job, but in the end, it is the most critical part of your work. Being personalized, personable, and thoughtful are what makes a good salesperson. Being genuine and respectful matters, both to your clients and in life in general. Don’t forget to show your gratitude for their purchases!

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