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Ghost Writer for Hire

If you have a story in your family that you need told then hiring a Ghost Writer is the answer.  As a Ghost Writer, I help you tell and write your story. I help with research and with writing. 

Ghost Writer

Use a Ghost Writer to Write for You


Some of the best books and even speeches have been written by Ghost Writer. There is nothing wrong with or illegal about using someone else to write your book, document or even best man’s speech.  In fact,  many famous people use someone else to pen their words either because they are pretty rubbish at writing or they know that using a professional writer is a good thing.

Projects can be almost anything non-fiction. True stories can capture history in a format that can be preserved and shared with others. From War Stories to Career Stories to Stories of people, places and achievements we all know a real story but few of us have the expertise to capture them in written words. A Ghost Writer can help you.

As an author and content writer, I spend a lot of my time researching facts and information. This expertise can combined with my writing skills can be used by you to write a story that you have yearned to tell.

I follow a simple process and keep clients abreast of progress and developments every step of the way. A book can take anywhere from a couple of months to a year to complete depending upon the amount and type of research needed and how many pages it will be.

To have me write your true story, biography or non-fiction book contact me directly.  Give me an idea of what you want and I will reply with a quote. (or some questions to help me help you).

My availability for Ghost Written books and research is limited to never more than 4 per year. Each project requires my total dedication and you get my utmost dedication. Contracts are signed, and deadlines and milestones are set. Above all, you get my experience and you don’t have to make the painful mistakes I made when learning my craft.    +44(0)7826 563 842