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4 Content Marketing Mistakes Made by Coaches, Consultants, Solopreneurs & Small Busines

1. You Give Up Too Soon Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a long game. You can’t post 3 articles on your blog then whine about how nobody is reading your stuff… or commenting or sharing. The most successful content marketers have been going at it for years – putting out high-quality…
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How to Choose a Copywriter

Your product or service is near completion. You’ve thought before about the adcopy, but it’s now time to hire a copywriter.You understand that you need a specialist who will make the best impression for your product to your potential customers and get you the most sales. This is a critical step and your quest can…
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What is a Copywriter and what does a Copywriter do?

A copywriter is a person tasked to write the text used for advertisements in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and other kinds of media. A copywriter may also be assigned to come up with the words for press releases, informational or promotional pamphlets, and other promotional materials. A copywriter may also be tasked to rewrite or…
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Surprising Ways Your Business Can Leverage Digital Content

With many technological advancements in the modern world, businesses are changing their models to include online platforms for the promotion of their goods and services. They have resorted to amplifying their digital marketing efforts because people now spend more time on their social media apps. Targeting the right audience spells the difference between a failed…
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Tough Times: Clever Blogging yields business returns

When the going gets tough the tough go marketing is a phrase used by many entrepreneurs and business managers in all industries. The world of business is as tough as it has been for many years and while it may seem right to cut back on spending it is all too easy to cut back…
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