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4 Tips on How to Write for Facebook

Knowing how to write for Facebook is an integral part of your marketing strategy. One of the advantages Facebook offers is being more interactive, which requires a little creativity. Here are four tips to help you write more effectively for your social media audience.

Use the Best Copy You Can Come up With

The copy is relevant because it provides a crucial introduction to your company’s products and services. Some of the most critical text that will appear on Facebook includes your company’s “About” section, any content featured as stories, and status updates on your page. You should also consider copy that is used in other forms of media you share via Facebook, such as articles and videos published to other platforms.

Ask Questions and Garner Feedback

Create posts that make your customers want to respond. You need to reach as many people as possible, without overwhelming them in the process. One way to do this is to ask questions that invite your customers to share feedback, in a friendly, conversational way. You’ll be able to better gauge what they are looking for as they browse your site. Their responses offer clues as to how you can better serve them.

According to Podium, “the whole point of creating a Facebook Business Page is to engage with your customers and build a local audience.” These local audience members could turn into regular, loyal customers. The critical thing to remember is that you need to give them a good reason to remember your business.

Stand Out

The average prospect is probably confronted with several businesses offering similar products or services to yours. In your copy, you need to make it clear that what you’re offering is something new, not just more of the same. According to Post Planner, “Images are an excellent way to create consistency in your brand — portraying a streamlined image between all your online properties. They’re also a powerful engagement tool — one that hasn’t eluded the world’s most prominent brands. A study by eMarketer found that photos accounted for 75% of the content posted on Facebook pages worldwide.” Giving your brand or company identity a distinct social media “personality” is an important part of that strategy.

Think about what personality traits your company would have if it were a person. Who in your local community would it be friends with, and what would its hobbies be? Answering these questions can help you figure out who your ideal prospects are.

Engage with the Community

Your company’s presence in the community is crucial, even if you operate mostly or entirely online. The more visibility you have in the community, the more likely customers are to trust you. Posting content of local interest is one way to gain this trust by tailoring ads to the community. Digital Marketer explains, “try to use the word ‘you’ more often in your ad copy. Why? The truth is, there’s nothing special about the word itself. It’s a short little word that gets used all the time and is easily overlooked.The more you use the word ‘you’ in your copy, the more likely you are to write ads from your customer’s perspective…rather than your own.”

Taking an active interest in what’s important to your customers is a great way to strengthen community bonds. You’ll also be able to show you care if you’re in a position to sponsor local events and incorporate this news into your Facebook copy. Sharing news about what is going on in the area helps demonstrate your company’s level of community engagement, and this should always be a focal part of your strategy.

Writing Facebook content that works is one of the best ways to attract and keep steady customers. Use some good business sense to enjoy regular business traffic to your page.
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