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Month: December 2020

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SEO 2021

Rank Your Website Better in 2021 with this Simple Advice

Ever since the Internet was invented the world of Search Engine Optimisation has been changing rapidly. When search engine algorithms were understood and changes in consumer behaviour could be unravelled (to a degree) marketers have been attempting to come up with new and improved methods to face new challenges. To stay ahead of the competition…
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Simple Tips to Market Your Small Business Locally

Take Your Seasonal Marketing Strategy to the Next Level Whether you’ve recently started a small business or have pivoted your sales tactics for your company because of COVID-19, you’re probably thinking about how to increase holiday sales. It’s approaching fast, and now’s the perfect time to start your seasonal marketing strategy so you can bring…
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Why Refreshing Your Website Copy and Content is Vital for 2021

The end of the year is only a few weeks away. For business owners, this is the best time to review your annual success and growth and make the necessary plans for 2021, especially after the toughest year on record in 2020. It is also important to consider refreshing your website content with a Pro…
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4 Tips on How to Write for Facebook

Knowing how to write for Facebook is an integral part of your marketing strategy. One of the advantages Facebook offers is being more interactive, which requires a little creativity. Here are four tips to help you write more effectively for your social media audience. Use the Best Copy You Can Come up With The copy…
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4 Content Marketing Mistakes Made by Coaches, Consultants, Solopreneurs & Small Busines

1. You Give Up Too Soon Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a long game. You can’t post 3 articles on your blog then whine about how nobody is reading your stuff… or commenting or sharing. The most successful content marketers have been going at it for years – putting out high-quality…
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How to Choose a Copywriter

Your product or service is near completion. You’ve thought before about the adcopy, but it’s now time to hire a copywriter.You understand that you need a specialist who will make the best impression for your product to your potential customers and get you the most sales. This is a critical step and your quest can…
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